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Talkwalker Refresh Overview
Get the highlights from our latest release TW 3.0


Talkwalker introduction video
Get a quick overview of your Talkwalker project to help you get started.

Understand the home screen
The home screen is your landing page, learn how to navigate it.

Create a topic
Get started and set up your first topic.

Channel setup
Add social media channels to your project to assess impact.

How to add social media tokens to your project
Easily add social media tokens to your project to improve the quality of social data.

Connect Instagram Insights
Make sure to connect your Instagram Business Account is connected to your project.

Filter setup
Use custom filters to segment the data to uncover relevant and accurate information.

Virality map
Check out the virality of your post.

Performance tab
Analyze your KPIs and benchmark against the competition.

How To Use the Sentiment Tab
Follow this video guide to become an expert on the sentiment tab.

Sentiment tab
Leverage our AI-powered sentiment analysis.

Themes tab

Extract quick and meaningful insights to discover trending topics around the data from themes powered by AI.

Demographics tab
Understand your audiences based on demographics and interests.

World map tab
Better understand your brand’s impact on a global and local level.

Share your dashboard
Share your dashboard with your colleagues, superiors or customers.

Work with reports & alerts
Make the most of your reports and alerts.

How to customize your report
Make sure your report reflects your value-added analysis.

Send reports & alerts
Share your reports & alerts with your colleagues, superiors, and customers.

General Settings
Set up the back end of your project.

Create a custom source panel
Use a custom source panel to check how top tier newspapers are talking about your brand.

Create a custom theme panel
Use a custom theme panel when you want to see how specific concepts are associated with your brand.

Work with tags and rules
Tags & rules can help you to organize your project.

AI model setup
Save time and resources through our AI Engine – Automated human intelligence.

Check your monthly results balance
Easily check that you’re within your monthly results balance.

Set up a user
Manage the users in your account.

Credibility Index
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Video Recognition
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Scoring Engine
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