Fivecast ONYX is a world-leading digital intelligence solution that enables key public and private sector organizations to explore big data to gain actionable insights critical to protecting global communities. Radiosphere has been a Fivecast partner since November 2022.

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Addresses national security and defense requirements. Fivecast ONYX uses advanced data collection and AI-powered analytics to solve the most complex intelligence challenges. Based in Australia with established presences in the US and Europe, Fivecast is part of the trusted Five-Eyes alliance. This alliance resulted from a unique collaboration between government agencies and world-leading research institutions. ONYX can be used to address Big Data challenges in national security. Fivecast ONYX provides access to the most comprehensive dark web dataset possible, enabling analysts to search more than 750 dark web forums, blogs and marketplaces from a single search interface. Dark web data can then be analyzed and risk-assessed alongside other online content to uncover correlations and insights that a single data source cannot provide.


The Fivecast capabilities were developed as part of a joint project with world-leading research institutions and national security agencies from Australia and the United States.

World-leading innovations

Fivecast ONYX leverages unique and proprietary data collection techniques for superior data access, combined with AI-powered analytics to deliver unmatched insights.


Fivecast ONYX is currently deployed across all levels of government as well as private companies worldwide, delivering increased productivity and actionable insights to customers.

ONYX bandwidth

Fivecast ONYX collects and analyzes data across a wide range of ever-expanding and changing open source platforms.

Excellent data access

Continuous and automated data collection via the Surface, Deep & Dark Web using proprietary data collection techniques.

Analyst productivity

The Intuitive User Interface analyzes high-risk data across multiple languages, accelerating complex investigations to gain valuable insights.

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The application spectrum of Fivecast ONYX is specifically designed for safety-related topics. We can provide you with more information. However, the prerequisite is a legitimate interest. We reserve the right to review your request and will then contact you.

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