We deliver automated media analysis directly to your screen – in real time. For the success of your campaigns or risk management. Derive important topics & trends from the right key figures. Make well-founded data-based decisions.

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Analysis with experience

Successful marketing and communication strategies are built on a precise knowledge of the target groups and their interests. However, it takes a trained eye to derive trends from such findings. Radiosphere’s editors and project managers help you distinguish trends from hype. So that you can use your resources efficiently.

Media analysis with RS-LYNX


The optimal output format of continuous media monitoring is a cloud-based real-time dashboard. On our monitoring platform RS-Lynx, you can compile the media response of the topics important to you on all relevant channels – with flexibly configurable widgets. Our dashboards always provide an overview – in the corporate newsroom, in campaign management or market research.


In a professional environment, each of us appreciates being informed only about what is really important. This is exactly what Radiosphere provides reliable filter mechanisms with configurable thresholds. We use AI technologies to fine-tune sentiment and reach analytics.

Media and discourse analysis with RS-LYNX


Efficient and clearly prepared reporting strengthens the cooperation of various stakeholders in the company. Radiosphere delivers media reports in a wide variety of formats – curated, commented and in the reporting client’s corporate design, if desired.

And what about data protection?

Highest data protection according to DSGVO and GDPR is a matter of course at Radiosphere. All of our customers’ data is hosted in Germany, and the data centers are ISO 27001 certified.

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