The Radiosphere Team

Susanne Koehler

Susanne Koehler

Founder and Managing Director of RADiOSPHERE


“Knowledge encoded in numbers and letters is a treasure.”

Susanne Koehler is an industrial engineer and has supervised international research projects at the Fraunhofer IAO Institute for Industrial Engineering in Stuttgart. Their topics: Data mining, CRM and online market research. The second important station of her career was Mindlab Solutions, a specialist for web analytics, which she founded together with two partners in 1999 and managed for 13 years.

2012 saw the birth of Radiosphere as a service provider for social media monitoring. Susanne Koehler: “For the first time, the new monitoring technologies offered companies the opportunity to generate reliably measurable feedback from different online channels and incorporate it into their marketing strategies.”

Susanne Koehler has been a competition rider for many years and is involved in the Lions Club Göppingen.

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Heinz D. Schultz

Heinz D. Schultz

Business Development for Analytics at RADiOSPHERE

“Being able to listen – that’s critical to a company’s survival.”

Heinz D. Schultz is a business economist with an American MBA degree and has worked in management positions at various European and American IT service providers. He is considered one of the pioneers of social media analysis: In the 2000s, he helped Radian6 achieve a breakthrough in Germany and also helped shape the functionality of this program himself. His topics are analysis & interpretation of customer data, security monitoring of major events and social media control centers.

In 2012, Heinz took over business development at Radiosphere. His market assessment: “Web analytics and social media monitoring are now firmly established in market research and provide key figures or even topic trends for planning companies’ future business – in B2C, but also increasingly in B2B business.”

Heinz D. Schultz is a classic car enthusiast, takes pictures with medium format film cameras, is a big fan of analog audio and enjoys long walks with his hunting dog Johnny.

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Christian zu Solms

Christian zu Solms

Professional Services Expert at RADiOSPHERE

“If you want to have a say online, you have to understand dialog.”

Christian zu Solms is a business economist and was already involved in direct and online marketing in the 1990s. For example, he built pan-European data base marketing and web analytics for a large car manufacturer that also offers very small cars.

In 2013, Christian took over the management of complex monitoring projects at RADiOSPHERE. He is also responsible for consulting and customer training on various analysis tools. “With monitoring and analysis tools we use, such as Talkwalker, we quickly generate robust assessments and identify trends. But technology is evolving rapidly at the moment,” he says.

Christian zu Solms rides mountain bikes in his spare time and is considered RADiOSPHERE’s best cake baker.

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Stefan Richter

Stefan Richter

Head of Marketing Communication and Content Strategy at RADiOSPHERE

“Monitoring and analysis are the foundation of good storytelling.”

Stefan Richter holds a degree in journalism and worked as a radio, print and TV editor in Germany and abroad in the 1990s. At the turn of the millennium, he switched to corporate communications and has since worked as an editor, PR consultant and media trainer – on both the corporate and the service provider side. His work focuses on topic development and the conception of media formats.

In 2017, Stefan took over as Head of Marketing at RADiOSPHERE and also the development and implementation of complex digital content strategies for clients in the industrial and service sectors: “The basis for this is a data-verified sense of the target groups you want to address.”

Stefan Richter practices yoga, rides a road bike and is a news junkie.

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Marek Hoyler

Marek Hoyler

Junior Analyst

“Social media monitoring is as exciting as flying a drone.”

Marek joins our team and is trained as a media monitoring analyst. He accompanies business projects with a focus on newsroom and dashboard design.

With a flair for innovative simmulations games, he drinks at least 5 cans of Fanta a day.

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Head for good mood at RADiOSPHERE

“Dogs are the best friends of analysts and hacks.”

Johnny is a purebred Chesapeake Bay Retriever and has worked as RADiOSPHERE’s “Head of Good Humor” since 2012. His work focuses on watch and control tasks, mood development, deceleration and movement therapy of the counseling team.

Johnny enjoys walking 3x a day with team members, practices a healthy lifestyle and is into balanced nutrition. He loves squirrels, cats and other fast animals.

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