A new era has dawned. Artificial intelligence and language models produce news and often gleam a surreal information situation. Even experienced monitoring specialists cannot always distinguish between truth and glare with sharp edges. One reflects on the “old” world.

From the perspective of the younger generation of analysts, classic print media, radio and TV tend to be antiquated sources of news from around the world. However, the reason for this assessment may rather be that these can hardly be analyzed without media disruption. In addition, there are copyright conditions that must be observed. Thus, 360-degree monitoring with high truth content is ultimately wastepaper if print, radio and TV are not included.

How can print, radio and TV be integrated into Talkwalker?

At the request of many of our clients, we have developed an interface that seamlessly integrates the professional media genres, shoulder to shoulder with online and the social media posts in one tool.
If a contract exists with PMG, Landau Media, Pressrelations or Argus Data Insights, among others, the path for integration is very short. All major media watchers offer XML feeds that are implemented directly into Talkwalker via our interface. Key figures such as circulation, reach or an equivalent advertising value (AVE) are shown and can be mapped and evaluated on a timeline with the performance metrics from social media or online.

If the “Scoring Engine” option is booked with Talkwalker, it is possible to calculate an equivalent advertising value or other performance metrics for online and social media as well. What more could you want?
A little teaser beforehand: You will get a deeper insight into the topic in our next blog post.

Copyright and royalties

If one obtains print and paywall contributions from e.g. PMG, then the license fees are calculated according to the number of potential readers and the visibility period. Posts purchased without archiving rights must be deleted after 30 days. This set of rules is taken over by our certified interface RS-Link. Within Talkwalker, the metrics and post title are preserved, but the original post (PDF) is only available as long as agreed with PMG.

If one obtains XML streams from a media watcher, then its license management system ensures the visibility and availability of the contributions.

Thus, for the analyst using Talkwalker, there are no licensing barriers in handling the professional media genres.

Radio, TV and podcasts a challenge?

We mean no! Modern service providers offer national and international monitoring solutions for this purpose. However, to convert spoken word into a machine-processable form, it requires a powerful conversion of the spoken word into text. Of course, with simultaneous translation into the analyst’s target language.

Whether a complete transcription is necessary for every radio, TV or podcast contribution should also be reconsidered from a commercial point of view. We recommend 3 minutes before the hit and a maximum of 10 minutes after the find. From this, causal relationships can be well captured and evaluated.

Attentive readers immediately recognize these advantages of implementing the spoken word in the text. Talkwalker AI can determine sentiment and identify entities. This is essential for daily analysis work.


  1. An integration of professional media into Talkwalker is easy.
  2. All licensing and copyrights are respected.
  3. Online, social media and the professional media are in one central tool.
  4. Performance measurements between all media types are possible without any problems.
  5. Viral developments from online and social media become traceable in professional media – and vice versa.
  6. Semantic evaluations and assessments are performed with Talkwalker AI.
  7. Talkwalker becomes the central tool for creating a comprehensive media analysis.

Application examples

The following screenshots show the integration of print, radio and TV reports directly in Talkwalker Monitoring.


Sina Riedel

Sina Riedel

Talkwalker Specialist at Radiosphere

Sina Riedel is a certified Talkwalker Analyst and manages national and international client projects in which the integration of print, radio and TV articles plays a significant role.

Phone: +49 7021 9989013
Email: sriedel[@]radiosphere.de

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