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Media monitoring

In our media monitoring platform RS-Lynx we integrate the currently best tools for media monitoring. This gives you the largest source coverage available on the market: from print, online and social media to radio+TV, video and audio podcasts, trade media and customer reviews.

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Everything on the screen

Use our media monitoring platform RS-Lynx

  • for your cross-media communication controlling
  • for trend and topic research
  • for competitive intelligence

With worldwide source coverage in 187 languages.

Don’t miss out on relevant content. For example, track over 75,000 brand logos with integrated image, text, and object recognition. Monitoring results are presented on a real-time dashboard or in curated reports.

Media monitoring with RS-LYNX

Focus on essentials

Your brand, your topics, your markets – with RS-Lynx you have all important discussions in focus. Including the stakeholders involved and their relationships to each other. Sentiment analysis and AI-based network analysis help to identify and correctly read critical discussions and warning signals. Before crises arise.

Important in context

Our customers include over 65 brands, companies and institutions. All our media monitoring projects are continuously optimized and adapted to the current news situation. Because communication only becomes understandable in context. The appropriate filter and search options therefore make the famous difference.

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